Increase Revenue by putting

Customer Upselling on Autopilot.

Deliver the actions or offers that encourage customers to the customers most likely to upgrade or buy more.

Get more from your current customers with Bellwethr Upsell Engine.

How it Works: Intelligent Automation

Create custom automations that optimize for the key actions and metrics that matter most to your customers and business.

Calculate and perform the optimal action (ie email, text, etc) to 
engage customer.

3. Select Actions

4. Record Outcomes

Track whether or not the activity increases. Optimize and Repeat.

Ex: Customer account activity declines for three months.

1. Trigger Event

Look at customer data 
and past activity.

2. Apply Context

A combination of actions and delivery methods to increase Customer Lifetime Value.

Intervention Actions

  • Phone Calls 
  • Online Experiences 
  • Text Messages
  • Discounts
  • New Benefits 
  • Pause Options
  • Product Updates 
  • And more!

Integrations that create seamless experiences for your customers.

The All-in-One Intervention Platform

Take the first step to an wholistic approach to increasing Customer
Lifetime Value (CLV) with the Bellwethr Intervention Platform.

Ready to get started?

Set up a demo with an Intervention Specialist to see if Bellwethr is a good solution for your business.